Corporate Team Building Adventures

Bringing Employees Together

Summit Climbing Company is excited to offer team building opportunities for corporate groups. The outdoor excursions offered by Summit promote wellness, motivation, communication, mindfulness and teamwork amongst employees, and enhance problem solving skills.  We will explore the depths of some of Ontario’s most amazing caves, right outside of the GTA. Nothing builds trust like relying on your teammates to navigate the depths of a cave. We are more than willing to accommodate both small and large groups, and are able to alter programming by individual request, based on group strengths and weaknesses. A great way to boost employee moral and productivity is to participate in team building events. Please contact us for more information on corporate team building experiences.

What to Expect

Your team leaves the office/building and starts the journey away from civilization. They arrive and are introduced to the our staff. We then proceed to have some warm up team building games, nothing complicated but just some activities to start training our minds to work as a team, just to prepare for what is to come.

There are many Options for team building activities. Some activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Working as a team to find the exit of a cave, building trust amongst staff.
  • Relying on another co-worker’s head lamp to guide their way through a cave, encouraging communication development.
  • Establishing team objectives that could range from a fun goal to a serious challenge while rock climbing. Perhaps the group will decide to climb a total distance collectively when all of their heights are added together.

Activities are determined ahead of time based on group competencies and preferences.

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