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School  Programs

From roped climbing activities and bouldering walls to  Canadas largest indoor ninja warrior obstacle course, Summit provides a variety of indoor programs for schools.

School Climbing Programs

Climbing and ropes programs have been used across Ontario for many years as educational tools. Not only do students get to challenge themselves physically and experience things they might not have experienced before, but they also develop important skills, such as leadership, team building, problem solving, trust, and self confidence.

We bring everything to you! All activities and safety equipment, as well as trained staff are provided. Save money on busses and excursion costs, and have a program that runs in the comfort of your own school gym. We can accommodate all ages from JK- Grade 8

Professional Development For Educators

Student success and character development is vastly dependant on the leadership skills of their educators. Summit Climbing Co has designed a program dedicated to developing leadership skills amongst coworkers, as well as building trust. (nothing says trust like holding up your coworker in the air!)

Staff will partake in a variety of activities that will not only utilize problem solving and team building skills, but also push them to vertical limits.

Bouldering Wall

Bouldering is becoming more popular every year! With Speed climbing being added to the 2020 Olympics, indoor climbing is definitely on the rise. All of our indoor programs include our unique square 360 Bouldering wall where students can simply try to climb all the way around the 4 sides, or climb complicated and challenging climbing routes. There are no limits to the possibilities on the 360 wall!

Roped Activities

With a variety of roped activities students will get the thrill of climbing all the way to the top of your gym.

Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

Ninja warrior courses are all the rage! With the start of the new American Ninja Warrior Jnr, Ninja courses are growing in popularity with youth around the world. They promote agility, stamina, co-ordination, and are an absolute blast to go through. Students are encouraged to set their own goals, whether it is beating their personal time or to try and have the fastest time in the class or even school! The ninja warrior course has a wide range of customizable obstacles, and can be altered to accommodate a kindergarten class or a grade 8 class. Imagine the largest portable ninja course in all of Canada set up in your gym! 

Happy Students

This was the best week I have ever had at school. My favourite part was the Ninja course and I got the fastest time in my class!

Can’t wait for next year! - Julie


Thank you for bringing the ropes program and setting it up at our school. It was so much fun I loved it so much. It was so, so, so fun! My favourite part was the obstacle course. It was so fun. I had fun with my friends. Thank you so much for sharing your ropes course with us. - James


At Island Lake PS, we have been fortunate to have Josh Marshall provide his Climbing Program to all of our students from K-8.  The feedback from students, staff and parents has been overwhelmingly positive.  His attention to the safety of our students has always been the priority of the program.  We are looking forward to having him back in next year.

Sean Singh

Principal, Island Lake Public School

This is an outstanding Climbing Program. Josh Marshall and his team provide a fun and challenging experience for all our students K-8. They are encouraging, supportive and the students always finish the week with a sense of accomplishment and increased confidence. Thank you, Josh! We look forward to having you again next year.

Dianna Secord

Principal, Spencer Avenue Elementary School

“Students at our school cannot get enough of this program! Josh and the good people at Summit Climbing Co. gave our students an opportunity to flex their cooperation and leadership muscles in a fun and safe way. Can’t wait to see you and all the smiles on students’ faces again next year!”

Shawn Henderson

Vice Principal, Montgomery Village Public School

Josh Marshall has run an amazing program at St Benedict for the last 3 years. The response from Staff and students is always overwhelmingly positive!

The students were so engaged in the activities that they participated in during their two gym periods that week. As a principal, it is incredibly rewarding to see the students in your school excited to try new things and working together to achieve new success. With the new ninja warrior course even the non traditional athletes are successful and are happy with their accomplishments. It is important to have a program that not only includes every age group, but also students of varying physical ability. Throughout the week, grade 8 students were given leadership opportunities which was a wonderful start to their last year at St. Benedict. The teamwork and collaboration that happened among all students was great to see. 

I want to thank the Josh and his team for their professionalism and attention to student well-being. It really contributed to the success of the week.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone. My school is already talking about the next year!

Laura Quick

Principal, St Benedict Catholic School

Now booking for the 2019/2020 school year.

Next year is filling up fast! Contact us and make sure that your school has a spot before we fill up!

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