Birthday & Party Programs

What is cooler than having a Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course or Bouldering Wall at a kids party? NOTHING!

Reinventing Parties

This is not your average party rental. Summit is able to provide the party host with activities that are fun for all ages and stages. Not only can you have these fun activities come to your event, but a trained instructor will guide and challenge your group throughout the party. There will be time challenges, flying dodgeballs, races, climbing routes, and cooperative games.

Package Options

Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course (ages 4-13)

The Ninja Warrior TV show started over 10 years ago. Since then, the Ninja Warrior movement is bigger than ever! Have a portable Ninja Course brought to your party and watch your participants fly through our highly customizable course.

Cost: $350 2/hr

Ninja Course & Bouldering Wall

Our Bouldering Wall has 5 different climbing routes set to offer a wide range of difficulty for all participants. From easy to extremely hard, there is something for everyone on a Bouldering Wall. Combine that with the Ninja Course, and you will have a party that everyone will remember.

Price:  $600 2/hr

Party Favours

Summit is able to provide party favours upon request at an additional cost. Mesh goodie bags contain, but are not limited to:

Rock Candy
Rope Bracelets
Chocolate River Rocks
Nerd Rope
Mini Flash lights
Rock shaped bouncy balls
Customizable tags for party guests

*The following items are examples of loot bag contents.

Pricing may vary.